DC Jack Repair

If you cannot charge your laptop’s battery or run the device through an electrical mains outlet, the DC jack of your device is likely broken. The DC jack is the socket inside your laptop that lets you connect a mains supply or a charger to it.
Generally, you cannot use the laptop at all if the battery runs out. However, in other cases, laptops can be made to work by positioning the charger in a particular way that enables correct contact and lets the battery charge again.
Nevertheless, this is highly dangerous to our device’s motherboard. Thus, we recommend that you get the DC Jack repaired as soon as you can. The latest models of laptops come with added security mechanisms built-in by the manufacturer.
This is required to ensure the use of only genuine chargers instead of cheap replacement chargers. The charger is identified as genuine only once the center pin establishes a secure data transfer connection.
In a scenario where your DC jack is broken on these newer models, the laptop will still run-on mains. However, the battery will not charge itself or, in some cases, your laptop might refuse to start windows as it will detect the ingenuine charger.
Nonetheless, if your charger is original, but you are still facing such issues, it is likely that your DC Jack is broken and needs to be repaired. You can avail of our Apple expert Mac repair services to resolve this issue.
While sending your laptop for a DC Jack repair service, ensure that you also send the charger you have been using. This helps us in conducting multiple tests to detect problematic issues.
However, if you cannot send us the charger you have been using, we will use one of our workshop chargers to test the laptop.

We urge you to send us your laptop to our MacBook repair shop along with the charger that you have been using to find the exact problem and ensure that it is your charger that does (not) work with the repaired laptop.

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