Liquid Damage on MacBook

You will be surprised to know how often we provide services for water damage caused to MacBooks. If you’re suffering from the same issue, we advise you to reach out to us immediately.
Liquid damage is easily repairable, and we offer an extremely reasonable Apple Mac repair cost for this service. Our Apple MacBook repair service for water damage starts at £100 and goes higher depending upon the degree of damage suffered by the device.
Our service charges, however, never go beyond £350. What differentiates our services from the rest of the companies in the low cost and ability to repair all MacBooks – old or new. We give you a complete assessment of the problem and the next steps to be followed.
All this advice comes for free. We only charge you for the service, not the consultation. Nevertheless, if your MacBook is heavily damaged and beyond repair, we will provide you with alternate options to the same.

Common issues with water damage

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Why choose us

When you take your MacBook to any Apple Mac repair center, it is natural that the company might outsource the motherboard to get it fixed after water damage. Most companies do this because they don’t know how to do it themselves.
This might cause delays and improper repair to your precious MacBook. However, we, at PC Ideals, repair the damaged motherboard in-house. You will not have to interact with anyone but the engineer who is fixing your MacBook.
We often advise our customers to stop using the MacBook as soon as any water damage occurs. Turning on the Mac will only make the situation worse. No matter the damage, we will be able to fix it.

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