Backlight Repair

If you bought your laptop more than two years ago, it is common for your laptop to suffer from screen backlight failures. However, a screen backlight failure can occur at any point in your laptop’s life.
Years of experience and expertise with multiple technology clients have taught us three main elements involved in your laptop’s backlight functionality. PC Ideals can help you with problems in all these three parts.
Your laptop has a faulty screen backlight if the brightness has become too low to read the contents on the screen. This can have harmful effects to your eyes. Professionals at our Mac and iMac repair store will be able to resolve this issue easily.

The screen is the most single fragile piece of your laptop, and without it you simply cannot work. Whether you have accidentally smashed your screen or it has failed over time for another reason, we can always help.

PC Ideals have developed a unique database of compatible screen part numbers for almost every laptop in existence, with over 10 million entries. This is exclusive to us, has been developed solely by us, and is not available to anybody else in the UK. By creating this screen database we are now able to source and supply the cheapest possible compatible replacement LCD screen without sacrificing quality. Our competitors just do not compare.

Database Enquiries: please note that our database is exclusive to us and we own sole rights to it’s use. The database is not available for sale at this time, so please do not ask.

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